Conference WiFi

Sooner or later, every event planner will need to order conference WiFi. Arranging an internet connection may not be your favorite part of planning, but no event is complete at this point, without a reliable and robust internet connection. Most applications that participants will need involve using wiFi, whether it is something relatively simple like browsing the web, or mission critical applications like streaming live presentations. As a result, planners will need to devote a large amount of attention to securing conference WiFi.

The best option for conference WiFi will be Trade Show Internet. They have the CONNECT service for event planners, and the 4G kit for individual participants that just want a connection for a few users. The CONNECT service includes the Xirrus WiFi system, which is specially designed for the kind of high-density atmosphere that a conference will present. They also have technicians to install it properly, and the on-site Network Operation Center to provide on-site monitoring and help services.