Polaroid Camera: an Instant Way of Immortalizing Your Moments

There are instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and pretty much everything else you name it! We live in the time when people can take photograph instantly, quickly, just by making a single light press. The job of immortalizing your moment has never been this easy. Yet, don’t you remember the time when polaroid camera took over our everyday picture-taking activity. It is, somewhat, for me, is a prototype of today’s instant and easy way of capturing the moment.

Firstly introduced in 1972 by Dr. Edwin Land, polaroid camera had taken people to a whole new experience of picture framing. The first SX-70 that was introduced had fulfilled the people’s demand of such camera that could fit with your pocket and can be taken anywhere you go. Since then, people were just excited to have such camera that can be used anywhere even though there were not any special occasion like wedding, birthday, or anniversary party.

Land’s vision and invention were described as his future. But, for us, it is our present. Roughly speaking, I like to call his polaroid camera as the prototype of today’s build-in camera. It is accurate and fast, perfect for any moment you want to capture. Today’s camera inventor and developer, somewhat should thank him for this. Even, Steve Jobs called Land as the “national treasure” for that.

Talking about polaroid cameras, there is always that feeling when you see the changing of the black and oblong sheet of photo paper into a perfectly captured picture after you make the uncannily moving gesture. Despite its less popularity compared to the old days, the latest polaroid camera series in the market today could still offer you with the same experience. Most people might choose to stick with their advance smartphone cameras or their professional cameras. But, to build an immense library of your pictures using polaroid cameras surely bring a different kind of feeling to the overall captured memory.