What to Look for in the Best Freelance Clients

Freelancing isn’t for everyone. The freedom to do as much or as little work as you want and work on your own schedule is appealing, but you have to possess the drive to work hard to meet deadlines even when you don’t feel up to it and you have to devote time for which you won’t be paid finding new clients. When you have enough clients to keep you busy and earning enough each week, it then becomes a matter of maximizing your work time by choosing the best of your clients to get the most of your attention.

Timely Payments

Sign up for www.aynax.com and use the program not only to invoice your clients and keep track of overdue payments but also to keep tabs on your clients’ habits. When the amount two clients offer for the same work is negligible, timely payments is another important factor to consider. You might, after all, have better use for $100 that you receive after 7 days than $115 another client takes 45 days to pay. Aynax keeps track of how long clients take to pay and helps you calculate the average so you know which clients make timely payments.

Steadier Work Flow

When a client for whom you completed a project six months ago contacts you out of the blue and offers $500 for a project that will only take you a day to complete but is due the next day, it’s tempting to drop everything to do the job. However, if you’ve already committed to doing work that pays less and the due dates are not flexible, consider which client offers you more in the long-term. In many respects, it’s better to have a good relationship with a client who offers you consistent work on a weekly or even daily basis and not turn in work late to them just because a client who barely uses you wants something done fast.

Offers Work Your Enjoy

When you love what you do, your work day will fly by. If you find a client who offers consistent, good-paying work with timely payments who also lets you flex your creative muscles, you’ve found the ideal client who should always come first when you’re scheduling your work week.

Always finish any project to which you’ve committed, even if you discover it’s not the most optimal use of your time. The good will the clients will feel toward you for finishing your projects on time and without complaint will help your career go further, even if you wind up no longer working for that client after the project is complete. You may need to use them as a reference or they may be so impressed with your work that they come back with a better offer so you don’t stop working for them.